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About the Challenge

PoP provides one-on-one coaching sessions with teachers in developing countries as part of our training program. However, this process is HR intensive. As our programs are constantly expanding and evolving, we need a digital solution that would effectively support all of our teachers in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. These goals are crucial to ensuring that we make the greatest and most sustainable impact on the ground. These plans for expansion however, will require great staffing capacity.

Our Challenge

We are looking for a technological solution that will support our staff while providing our teachers with the necessary tools to increase student achievement through literacy and numeracy.

Examples of a good solutions might incorporate:

  • a way to scale coaching sessions
  • methodology of the teacher training program
  • video and audio capability
  • digital literacy kits with workbooks, puzzles, or educational games

Things to Think About

Designing for multicultural educators
Pencils of Promise works across several countries including Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. The solution whether it is an app, communication tool, or something else should be able to be deployed in countries and schools all over the world.

Incorporating Teaching Methodologies
We developed our teacher training program with the goal of impacting the highest quantity of students in the most sustainable way possible. We hold workshops two to four times a year in which teachers are exposed to PoP methodology and materials. The core of our methodology is engagement, which utilizes a multi-modality framework that engages audio, visual and spatial senses. In addition, our materials include videos and literacy kits, which are filled with workbooks, puzzles and educational games.

Scaling high touch interactions through technology
The Pencils of Promise Teacher Training Program is an intimate program where there is much time for one:one coaching and mentoring, it will be difficult to scale the sense of mentorship while also using technology to train more and more teachers.

Limited Internet Access
Considering that some Pencils of Promise schools are in areas that do not or have very little access to internet, ensure that your design can be accessed or used without internet. We strongly suggest creating an offline application or trying to incorporate SMS.

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Overview of the Teacher Training Program
Teacher Training Program Methodology and Insights
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