Design a Standalone Medic Mobile Messaging Hub

Benefits: Medic Mobile

About the Challenge

Our goal is to help health workers reach more people. Medic Mobile is used by more than 9,000 frontline health workers in 21 countries, helping them manage safe pregnancies in their community, ensure children receive vaccinations, track disease outbreaks, and report shortages of essential medicines.

Our team’s reach is limited, but our technology can travel almost anywhere. That’s why we created a downloadable, “Do-it-yourself” version of our platform that’s pre-set to help clinics and community health workers with maternal health programs. This DIY version was designed for grassroots organizations working in the most challenging environments. Organizations install our web app on a laptop or desktop computer and connect a GSM modem via USB to enable sending and receiving SMS.

Our Challenge

We need a solution for our messaging hub that is inexpensive, available locally or easy to ship, and intuitive for users from grassroots organizations and clinics.

Examples of a good solutions might incorporate:

  • inexpensive materials and components
  • easily understandable technology
  • a smartphone or tablet as the hub

Laptops can be expensive and they’re difficult to charge with solar panels. Keeping the server on is important because auto-replies and outgoing messaging provide support for remote health workers. Ideally, we could run our current technology on the new hardware solution or maintain most important functionality in our web app. Example areas of distribution include rural Kenya and rural Nepal.

Starter Idea #1: Android smartphone or tablet as a Medic Mobile hub. Potential benefits include a built-in global SIM or local SIM slot, an intuitive user experience, and the ability to charge with solar panels. Start by exploring the Medic Mobile web app functionality and SMSSync functionality.

Starter Idea #2: Raspberry Pi port of our tech stack, pre-bundled with a GSM modem, keyboard, and display screen.

Things to Think About

Just as our DIY kits are able to scale because it is free and easy-to-use software, we need our servers to be cheap so that we can distribute them to communities at or close to the same rate that people want to adopt our software.

Easy to ship
Our team needs to ship these stock units to several places, the smaller, lighter and less fragile they are, the better.

Simple technology
We need this technology to be simple for anyone to use, no matter if they grew up around technology or not.

Medic Mobile Website
Medic Mobile Github
Raspberry-Pi Quick Start Guide
Android SDK
Useful APIs

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This is a global messaging hub in every way. It can be accessed through any device that can text or has access the web. It can even be a feature phone in an area with spotty connection. GlobalHub h…

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