Create an Application to Record and Measure the Global Impact of Brilliance

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About the Challenge

D-Rev designs and delivers world-class medical technologies. We believe that consumer demand is the strongest voice in creating value, so we combine the best of the non-profit and for-profit worlds to deliver our products. D-Rev’s premiere product is Brilliance, a world-class, affordable phototherapy device that treats newborns, infants just 2-3 days old, for a potentially deadly disease called jaundice. But in developing countries, jaundice treatment is ineffective, expensive, or inaccessible by almost all rural hospitals. Sales of Brilliance have exceeded all projections to date, and with accurate, localized data we get D-Rev to the hardest to reach, and most vulnerable populations, faster.

Our Challenge

Create a mobile and/or web application that allows a person to collect data from Brilliance, local hospitals to measure and track the impact of the machine on their community, and D-Rev to calculate the global impact of Brilliance.

Examples of good solutions might incorporate:

  • Easy to fill out input forms for an individual to record readings from Brilliance machines’ LCD screens

  • Robust data visualizations and insights to understand impact on the local hospital level and on D-Rev global level

  • Online and offline functionality – we often work in places where there is no data or Wi-Fi access; when there is online access data is easily or automatically uploaded to a database for D-Rev HQ

  • Little to no text direction needed – this will be used in around 30 different countries so we don’t want to translate it for 100+ languages and dialects

  • Geocoding built-in to each data entry to measure impact by cities, regions, nations

  • Photo and audio collection options – to double-check and confirm manual data entry

D-Rev currently has two versions of the device in the field – Brilliance Classic (in 28 countries), and Brilliance Pro (in one country). It will be important for anyone collecting data to be able to differentiate between the two and select which device they are interacting with, as the interfaces are different. D-Rev’s Brilliance devices track data that is readable through an LCD screen or serial port. Data includes:

  • Lamp time – total amount of time Brilliance is active

  • Timer resets – times Brilliance therapy timer is reset to zero, usually indicating a new baby is being treated

  • Serial number – the unique identification number for each device

  • (Brilliance Pro only) Light meter on – total number of times the Light Meter is turned into active mode

  • (Brilliance Pro only) Light meter in – total number of times the Light Meter is plugged in

  • (Brilliance Pro only) Light meter time – total active time the Light Meter is in use

Things to Think About

Design for a range
Brilliance is used around the world. D-Rev will rely on a network of trusted partners to collect the data; making the data collection easy and intuitive for the broadest range of backgrounds, education levels, languages, and technologies is important.

Android is the more popular mobile operating systems in many of the markets where we work.

Speed and ease
Data collection cannot be a burden on a hospital or neonatal intensive care unit where Brilliance is installed. These are often busy, harried units within resource-limited hospitals and our volunteers need to be able to move quickly, if needed. Once in contact with the machine, collecting the data and taking pictures should take only a matter of 1-2 minutes.

D-Rev website
D-Rev Public Tableau Page
D-Rev step-by-step guide to calculating our impact
D-Rev Brilliance impact dashboard
Android SDK
Tableau API
Twilio API

Approved Submissions

Brilliance HUB

Brilliance HUB

A web dashboard with tools to measure and track the impact of Brilliance worldwide, which comes along with an simple android app that lets someone submit statistics in less than 30 seconds.

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Android application that allows a person to collect data from Brilliance, local hospitals to measure and track the impact of the machine on their community, and D-Rev to calculate the global impact…

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