Build an Application that Helps Developers Check their Websites for Compatibility with the Platform


About the Challenge is a Facebook-led initiative bringing together technology leaders, nonprofits and local communities to connect the two thirds of the world that doesn’t have internet access. The Platform is an open program for developers to easily create services that integrate with

At the core of our efforts with are non-exclusive partnerships with mobile operators to offer free basic internet services to people through This is a set of basic websites and services to introduce people to the value of the internet, and that we hope add value to their lives. These websites are very simple and data efficient, so operators can offer these for free in an economically sustainable way. Websites do not pay to be included, and operators don’t charge developers for the data people use for their services. Because these services have to be specifically built to these specifications, we started by offering just a few of them. Giving people more choice over the services they use is incredibly important, so going forward, people using will be able to search for and use additional services that meet these guidelines.

Our Challenge

Build an application that helps developers check, preview, and/or adjusts their websites for compatibility with the Platform.

Examples of good solutions might incorporate:

  • A checklist feature which profiles an website candidate against the technical criteria necessary to be used on

  • A way to emulate and test what an website candidate would look like on the platform and target devices that is more effective or dynamic than Opera or Chrome Device Emulator

  • A way to measure data efficiency of website candidates and suggestion for improvements, such as measuring data usage for image loading and suggestion for how to minimize data usage (i.e. reduce resolution or size)

  • A site editing tool that automatically generates a compatible version of the site
  • The goal of the Platform is to allow more people to experience the benefits of being online. It would be helpful to keep in mind the compatibility criteria when constructing a tool to help developers building on our platform:

  • Websites should encourage people valuable free services that they can use to explore the entire internet and the wealth of online services that could be useful to them
  • Websites should use data very efficiently and that are sustainable for operators including websites that avoid using VoIP, video, file transfer, high resolution photos, or high volume photos
  • Websites should adhere to the technical guidelines

Things to Think About

Designing for Developers

You will be designing a tool for other developers, so step into their shoes and build something that will make it easy for them to make sure their website meets the compatibility guidelines.


Technical Documentation
General Guidelines for Platform
Useful APIs

Approved Submission Compatibility Checker Compatibility Checker

Web application that takes url and displays whether certain platform guidelines have been met. The application also provides a preview of what their site might look like on the platform.

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