Samahope Live Event iOS App

Our team is Isaac Ho, Ryan Newton, Jeremy Hageman.

We decided to lend our skills to help one of the local charity organizations. We chose SamaHope, Their mission is to leverage technology to crowdsources life-saving surgeries for the poor.

SamaHope currently gathers online donations from their website, but one of the best opportunities to help them to crowdsource donations is at their live events. last year they raised $1.1M at the San Francisco fundraiser. This translates to impacting the lives of over 15,000 people in just one night.

We thought this was great, so we built an app to specifically help facilitate donations at the live event, with the goal of funding even more procedures.

So lets see the app. The best way to picture it is to imagine that we are at the live charity event right now.

- The first screen was created to replace a printed program you would typically get at an event. At an event a set of doctors from the field give updates on their work and how their impact is amplified by the donations.

- Each doctor has a page telling their story and the exact procedure a donation will make happen. Donation goals are displayed, per procedure, and the remaining amount needed to fund the procedure.

- Making a donation needs to be as simple as possible, so we wired up Apple play. There are three easy fund options. So if you fund the full amount you’ve paid for someone to receive a procedure. Or name your own amount.

- Lastly we wanted to build a live activity feed to show the momentum of the event and encourage everyone to jump in. As a doctor speaks you can imagine the donation feed filling up with their profile picture.

So we hope our app will lead to an even greater number of donations for this years live Gala fundraiser.

Sama means equal. And we hope our app gives the underserved and poor access to life-saving medical procedures that everyone deserves.