Dr Sama - a Social Media Game Charity Campaign

Dr Sama is a social media game charity campaign to raise funding for independent doctors in developing countries. View the game here: http://drsama-906.appspot.com/

Dr. Robert Kalyesubula is a self-funded doctor in Uganda who specializes in obstructed labor. In the past 13 years, Dr. Robert Kalyesubula has treated over 70,000 patients who would otherwise have no medical access. Dr. Robert is just one of the many unrecognized heroes that needs support. As a small-scale, local medical provider, most of these doctors are underbudjeted and overstretched. We wanted to raise funding for these doctors, so that they could focus on treating patients and changing lifes.

How it works
Dr Sama is a social-media based interactive game where the player simulates the journey of Dr Robert. Your goal is to get to as many women and patients in need as possible. You click to run, jump and navigate in the platform world, however you are lacking in funding and as a result you can't go very far. The game intends to show our audience how much Dr Robert is needing our support. With an easy click of a button, a donation to Dr Robert can be made through Samahope's site. There are also extensive social plugins that allows people to like and share the charity of Samahope to a wider audience.

We have created an App on Facebook called Dr. Sama. By establishing this App with a platform of website that we have created earlier on, this App on Facebook has incorporated a lot of social plugins that make both our App and the website SamaHope become even more social . With the platform of website on Facebook, users could freely share and post news and updates about this social media charity app. Sharing and conversation are the key things that power our App and meet the goal of our charity. Besides, users could grow our App by powering conversation through sharings on Faceook Messenger. By having facebook App, it greatly monetize our App and website with Ads and potentially increase our networking with other potential contributors.

We have also submitted our App Dr. Sama for review on Facebook so the App will be listed on the App center. People, especially those are who affiliated with groups such as charity, funding, health and non-profit organization would be able to see our App on browser at the App Center. Apart from that, by publishing this App to iTunes and GooglePlay, we are able to reach even more targeted audience and potential contributors. With the integration of gamification in our social media App and the strengthening our networking through conversation in social media and sharings in extensive social plugins, it is optimistic that SamaHope could create even more fundings to support the work of doctors and to deliver higher quality healthcare service in developing countries.

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