This is a global messaging hub in every way. It can be accessed through any device that can text or has access the web. It can even be a feature phone in an area with spotty connection. GlobalHub has the latest technology that allows someone with a compatible device to be part of a live message board that combines the messages from all devices. It is like a cross platform combination of GroupMe and Reddit. So now, someone with a laptop at a in the U.S. can communicate with someone with a feature phone in Nigeria, even thought they do not have access to the web. Additionally, it would allow local groups to communicate with each other in an MMS fashion, with age-old technology. GlobalHub is completely configurable and can range from 2 devices, to a regional group, to all users connected to the server, which can be located anywhere in the world and still be accessible. Therefore, this platform is completely versatile. No longer will you need to bring laptops with pre-installed software. All you need now is your phone. Forgot it? No worries, borrow one from the locals - even if it's a flip phone. And, it is all on the web - no need to download and pay for software. GlobalHub runs on a node.js server which is connected to a twilio number that receives and sends SMS. Special features allow a user to subscribe to a certain chat room and receive every message that is sent. Future updates would include storing messages for when users are offline, and optimized code for scalability.

Large hd global network